Our Story

About Us

The Indian aroma Kitchen is born out of the thirst for good and authentic North-Indian food in the Niagara region. Having two chefs in our family it was our dream to open a restaurant sometime but being from New Delhi it became difficult for us to find the kind of food that could remind us of our roots, that is when we thought of going ahead with realising our dream as soon as possible.

The Indian Aroma Kitchen boasts of an elaborate North-Indian menu. We have tried to incorporate a complete blend of quintessential flavors right from the heart of Indian streets to that of a lavish spread of a five-star Indian kitchen. This menu for sure is set to take you on a food walk across the flavourful North Indian streets from which you can not stop yourself to step away!

Our brand could not have been brought into the daylight without our head chefs. Chef Kamini and Chef Pallav are the backbone of this kitchen. While Chef Kamini is an expert of authentic Indian flavours, Chef Pallav is an expert in restaurant management and kitchen operations. It is the team of these two gems that has given birth and impetus to our family’s dream of starting an authentic Indian restaurant in Canada and spreading the flavours of joy and happiness of our roots all across.



With an experience of food industry in different roles for over 25 years, she is an expert of serving Indian flavours right from the heart of an Indian household kitchen onto a platter. She is critically acclaimed in her skills and has also been outstanding with formulating hundreds of recipes, using which she has also been taking cooking classes for over eight years now. Her forte being Indian cuisines, she has tried to learn a new skill or recipe every second day. Her passion for cooking is what makes her stand apart. Her love for cooking is foremost for her. She has also won a dozen of accolades for her cooking skills and flavours including titles like the Best Chef of New Delhi by The Times of India, which is leading news daily in India. She has also won a few awards for her baking and cakemaking including the Best Cake Award from Delhi by Culinary & cake decorating school. Her accomplishments though can never be enough of a representation for her passion or love for cooking and for her expertise in Indian flavours but a taste of her plate is what would best showcase her love for the same.



Having being trained in hospitality, Chef Pallav has had a sparkling career in the industry so far. He has done his bachelors in Hospitality Management from India and specialised in Culinary Management from the prestigious Niagara College in Canada. His passion for polishing his culinary skills is an everyday effort for him. He is also an official wine taster with his certification in wine tasting. He has had a splendid career graph so far with names like Queens Landing (NOTL), Marriot on the falls and Ramada being some of the brands he has worked for. With his career of almost a decade long in Canada now, he has been able to learn a lot and develop a number of skills. He is currently working as the Executive Chef for the Ramada group and also taking care of the kitchen operations and brand management for The Indian Aroma Kitchen. His unique talent and skills have changed the way the non-Indian people around him perceive and experience Indian Cuisine. His Indian and Canadian education and experience helped him in curating the special Indo- Canadian (fusion) section of our menu. As a Chef, he takes a strong stand on sustainable resources and always uses responsibly sourced meats, fish and vegetables in his restaurants.